jeudi, décembre 06, 2007

La clématite *** Clematis

Le 03.12.07

Malgré la tempête de dimanche, le portique est toujours enguirlandé...

Still nicely blossomed on Monday instead the Sunday's tempest...

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  1. T'as encore des clématites, toi ?

  2. Vive la déco des jardins ouvriers,du moins au printemps où l'exhubérante nature s'accommode farpaitement du sac plastique et de sa compagne la bouteille!

  3. Ca pousse. J'ai un pavot qui vient de s'ouvrir.

  4. I like the shadows on the petals. so moody.

  5. My heavens!

    Everyone speaks French here. How did that happen?!

  6. Vous avez de la chance d'avoir les Clematites... nous avons un grand froid en dans le nord de Bretagne.... j'ai mis plusieurs photos sur mon blog! Bon courage Miranda

  7. Claude, j'avais et je n'ai plus...

    Chamamy, vive la dive bouteille (et vive la récup)

    Hpy, tu te souviens de l'année passée ? J'avais un gardénia pour ton 1er défi...

    Chedwick, she is an young lady

    Sydneylann995, my garden is located in France and I have rather French speaking visitors. Bienvenue à toi dans le Jardin de Marguerite (Daisy)

    Miranda, cette photo date un peu. Les pétales de clématites sont tombées depuis.

  8. Ah that explains it. Of course in France most would perfer to speak French. This does not offend me. In fact I find it rather charming.

    A lovely garden. My brother has a swell garden. He also puts pictures of it on his website.

    Though I sincerely lover flowers,...foxgloves, buttercups, and Iris have always been my favorites.

    Though I love them I've never had luck in growing them. I usually end up buying them, and putting 'em in my windows.

    Once long ago I tried to be a "Johnny Apple Seed" of wild flowers. I love them too.

    Anyway I spread wild flower seeds all over my neighborhood in NYC. Sadly almost none germinated.

    A friend later told me it was the excessive lead, salt, and assorted toxins in the city's topsoil that was the problem.

    Oh well. Still I'm happy things are well with your blooms!


    Btw, thanks for visiting my pages. Please come again. True I am a cynical bastard, but Chewick can tell you that despite that I have a heart of,...well perhaps not gold, but certainly some sort of nice metal.

  9. In Paris it is possible to find wild flowers growing, however not everywhere. There is wild life too. Some plants such as buttercup or buddleja are able to grow everywhere
    I can imagine you are a sensitive person, Sydneyland995, and you are Chedwick's friend, he is a good reference.