vendredi, mai 05, 2006

Black & Mort: nettoyage de printemps

Pierre a surpris ce consommateur effronté. Assez rondouillard, des épaules carrées et une petite tête. Une tourterelle turque ?
Nous avons procédé au nettoyage de printemps, ballet de brosse en chiendent, tuyau et récipients divers.Black et Mortimer sont assez dodus après leur jeûne hivernal.
Nos locataires semblent ravis de leur logis propret.
Pierre took this turtledove's photo yesterday. Many birds use to drink in that barrel, especially blackbirds.
Then my lovely son has helped me to clean it.

5 commentaires:

Tim Rice a dit…

Lovely barrel. And in the bottom pic, I see you have a goldfish in it.

chamamy a dit…

Heureusement que ce n'était pas un héron emmanché d'un long cou!

Marguerite a dit…

Tim, when you click on the photos, you notice two fishes. In nature I think that the red one might be more exposed than the black and white one.Yesterday, during the lunch, my two sons have made fun of me and said it would be useful for me to have a camouflage-blanket. So I could get closer the birds. Of course, I'm now very interested by the blue tits and unfortunately I've no telephoto lens !

Chamamy, Pichou te dirait que les hérons dispersent les oeufs des poissons de rivières en étangs. Mais ils n'auraient pas pied dans mon baquet. Mes deux chouchous peuvent être tranquilles.
Je trouve que cette tourterelle étire bien son cou, non ?

Tim Rice a dit…

Birds are hard to photograph even when one does have a good telephoto lens. They can flit around so quickly. :)

Marguerite a dit…

Thanks for comfort !
I'd the chance of being successful in taking some photos that I posted in Cergipontin, even if good glasses are necessary to see the flying bird ! Now, the nest is so noisy, I'm sure it will be soon empty again...