mardi, mars 27, 2007

Myosotis et joubarbe

Voici une potée qui ne donne aucun mal : myosotis du jardin de Marguerite des Vosges se ressemant à tout vent depuis au moins deux décennies et joubarbe

These two plants are so easy to grow : forget-me-not and sempervivum

5 commentaires:

  1. I find weeds are the easiest thing to grow ;) Oh, and rosemary!

  2. Beautiful photo! In the US, the common name for the sempervivum I think is Hens and Chicks.

  3. I love these! I have very dark blue ones, too. They always remind me one my sister.

  4. i meant to say they remind me OF my sister. every person has a flower

  5. san nakji, I have no weeds in my garden :(
    In fact weeds need to be quiet and I don't let mine peacefully grow. Rosemary is easy to grow yes, but not so easy finally. It becomes old quickly and then it dies (such as apricot tree) I'll try to take a picture of it for you. It's difficult because the flowers are so small and numerous

    tim, maybe in the US is it the same than in France and plants are differents names / The part of the country. I found also in my dictionnary houseleek. A good plant for graveyard

    d., I have many flowers I like. Depends the season. Forget me not may be pink or white too. Sometimes on the same plant I find both blue and pink flowers