mercredi, juillet 12, 2006

Monarda didyma

Cette jolie plante aromatique vient d'Amérique du Nord et Tim a la chance de la rencontrer quand il randonne.
This pretty aromatic plant I have in my European garden came from North America. My friend Tim may meet it when rambling in wilde space !

4 commentaires:

  1. It is a gorgeous flower; I hope to chance upon it.

  2. Tim, really, you don't recognize it ? I think you showed a photo of it on the 13th of July.
    Your picture was gorgeous indeed !
    The Vosgian garden where I took the purple ones has also pink ones. I bought one !
    The gardener told us that English army used it as tea when in America !

  3. If I recall correctly, these flower petals seem to be thicker and fuzzier than what I posted. But maybe my memory fails me.

  4. Depends the soil, the rain and so on, as animals or humans ! Mine is not yet well implanted.